Water as Mother to Tea

Making a cup of tea seems easy, but how to make a good cup of tea that can bring out fine flavors from tea and allow you to enjoy the great taste are not simple as it seems if you failed to consider the basic quality issues on tea and WATER.

For years I tried to investigate water filtering system that not only can improve good Ph balance and appropriate Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), but also can give very lively, light and sweet taste in water even if we drank water straight up from the tap.  Some systems actually were quite impressive by their marketing introduction on line, but without sounding scientific analysis data or person-to-person service contact, it was hard for me to make the decision.

The legend of tea and tea culture began from China for more than four thousand years, the accumulation of experience, knowledge and know-how helped them to establish logical and reasonable quality evaluation standards on every detail that could influence the flavors and taste of tea.  In Chinese, besides the quality of tea, water plays a critical role as the basic influencer to the color, the flavors and taste of tea.

When I choose the water filter system that will significant influence to the color, flavors and taste of tea, then it’s hard to convince me without sounding scientific analysis data and good service.  Reasonable budget is another consideration on my list.

Until I was contacted by Maarten from Biconvex, who has done very thorough study about water conditions in Belgium, the design of water filter system is logical;  most of all, the flavors and taste of filtered water are very satisfactory.  Now I am happy that I can easily access to good filtered water from tap that is a good match with Chinese Specialty Tea from all 6+1 tea types.

-Mei Lan
Belgium Chinese Tea Centre

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